We create a platform for De — commerce, DeFi and WEB 3.0.

We`re building a global commerce and logistics chain, a secure, intelligent and easy-to-use platform that completely changes the way entrepreneurs collaborate and buy and sell.

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What is Estereum?

Estereum is an ecosystem for creating smart contracts for e-commerce, services, tokens, stablecoins, defi and WEB 3.0 app.

While existing solutions only offer a solution to one problem at a time, our team is building a safe, useful, and easy-to-use product based on Substrate. It will include a simple integration of commodity smart contracts, a payment aggregator, marketplaces, a cloud for creating Dapp and DeFi for WEB 3.0, as well as a common digital authentication system.

In the end, our goal is to integrate all companies, employees and business assets into a single blockchain ecosystem that will make the business truly efficient, transparent and reliable.

DApp and DeFi WEB 3.0

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can partici pate in global marketplace.

In our ecosystem, you will be able to create your business from scratch by creating Dapp, DeFi, logistics and insurance services.

  • Smart contract constructor (WASM + EVM)
  • Estereum payment
  • Estereum ID
  • Estereum cloud (Web 3.0 development)
  • Professional Network


Total supply





Stake EST to become Estereum

Inflation rate

10% annually


Reputation Staking


Vote Staking


Phase 0 2022 Q 3

Launch testnet, Seed round

Phase 1 2022 Q 4

Launch builder smart - contract, Exchange listing

Phase 1 2023 Q 1

Launched Estereum ID

Phase 2 2023 Q2

Launch mainnet and start of Estereum Cloud development

Phase 3 2023 Q3

Start of Ethereum payment development

Phase 3 2023 Q4

Launch Estereum Cloud

Phase 4 2024 Q1

Launch Expanse

Phase 4 2024 Q2

Launch Ethereum payment, Testing national stablecoins

Phase 4 2024 Q4

Launch of the complete Estereum ecosystem

Phase 5 2025 Q1

Commencement of the development of a commodity exchange

Phase 5 2025 Q4

Launch commodity exchange

Our Team TEAM

Denis Goriainov
CEO & Founder
Roman Dinkevich
CTO & Co-founder
Maxim Vykhota
Lead blockchain developer
Valentina Troshina
Community Management


Board Advisor
Board Advisor
Board Advisor


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